Stian Enger Pettersen, Head of Casino at EveryMatrix, presents a deep dive into the Romanian market, covering key player behavioral trends across 1,890 games and outlining the optimal strategies to increase player loyalty and increase casino revenue for classic players in this rapidly growing market Area.

During our Slot Trumps research, we quickly build a detailed picture of player preferences in some of the fastest growing markets in the world.

While Brazil was largely made up of “thrill seekers,” Romania is made up of a mix of classic slots fans and bonus buyers.

On the one hand, there are those who are drawn to classic themes and land-based games translated online. On the other hand, there are players who are attracted by bonus buy features and get higher than average stakes, up to 16.5x the average stake, on a select number of popular titles.

Leveraging the size and power of our network – which includes more than 311 providers across more than 24,800 games – we’ve been able to create a series of unique 90-day snapshots of player behavior in the most talked-about markets, giving you access to exclusive insights that help your Casino strategy will have a positive impact.

EveryMatrix casino manager Stian Enger Pettersen

As we discovered in Brazil, understanding player preferences and adaptation strategies is key to creating the experiences customers are looking for, and Slot Trumps provides the key information you need.

Globally, the online casino in Romania is relatively young, with regulation taking place in 2010 and the establishment of a regulatory authority three years later. Previously, the land-based market was the preferred source of real money entertainment.

When online gaming emerged, many land-based games transitioned to digital gaming, and a large portion of players today still prefer to play online with well-known, brick-and-mortar favorites. These players prefer classic themes like lucky 7s, while the game mechanics use equally classic features with limited or no bonus features.

Configure new jackpot tools to mimic classic content

However, today gamers demand more experiences for their money. So how can we find the right balance between engaging an audience that consistently enjoys classic content while providing additional excitement and increasing customer loyalty and sales?

JackpotEngine allows operators to create and add any type of configurable jackpot of their choice for any game. It is an ideal means of increasing engagement, especially for classic players, as it offers the ability to customize products to mimic the jackpots of local, traditional arcades.

Designed for regulated markets, JackpotEngine offers the ability to remain fully compliant where traditional bonuses may not be player preference, are limited or may not be an option.

Slot Trumps Romania

The ability to add this layer to classic content can be game-changing, allowing operators to recreate the look and feel of land-based jackpots while segmenting players and configuring win probability, starting amounts, win cap and contribution distribution, as well as the distribution of contributions between operators and players, as well as access to real-time monitoring and reporting of jackpot transactions.

At the same time, imagine being able to offer classic slot players personal jackpots with an additional layer of big winnings on top of their favorite games. This is currently in development at EveryMatrix and is expected to be equally game-changing in markets such as Romania. Initial tests show that jackpots tailored to specific players offer a higher level of loyalty than traditional jackpots.

Personal Jackpots push the boundaries of traditional offerings, creating a tailored experience and fostering a stronger connection between specific people and your brand.

They do this by catering to each player’s unique styles, adapting to their preferences, budgets, bet sizes and playing styles, and offering the chance to win a jackpot created specifically for you. The more you play, the bigger the prize pool is and only that specific person can win it. This takes jackpot retention and player loyalty to the next level.

Presentation is crucial when it comes to appealing to fans of classic slots

Within ours Bonus Engine The suite of engagement tools allows operators to take control of the gamification process and improve the player journey through a wide range of tools. These include tournaments, leaderboards and mission-based achievements.

However, it is our challenge system that is perfect for taking a player who enjoys classic content on a more exciting, layered and playful journey.

Slot Trumps Romania
Romanian players have more to offer than meets the eye, writes Stian Enger Pettersen

Firstly, presentation is crucial when targeting this segment, which is more accustomed to a feature-limited game type.

Personalizing and tailoring these challenges to the content they want to see and play is the first step to improving their experience. Only then should you gradually guide them to newer content among their old favorites.

At the same time, adapt your content to the respective type of player. Game recommendation engines are extremely valuable because they recognize game type preferences and guide players to similar content they are likely to enjoy.

Make sure you add and highlight the content they are likely to play, while also giving them room to experiment by promoting games they don’t normally play.

Many Romanian online casino players enjoy the classics, but there is much more to them than meets the eye. Combined with innovative gamification and retention features, and tailored and presented in a way they can relate to based on their preferences, this can lead to breakthrough retention and sales numbers.

For a more detailed breakdown of Romanian player and betting behavior, see the Slot Trumps player behavior report.