The report highlights some of the most significant developments in the industry over the last 12 months.

At a time when the world is tightening its belt and much of the entertainment industry is feeling the pressure of the cost of living crisis, esports continues to shrug off any notion of a recession. Computer games thrive in times of economic downturn as gamers tend to fill their ranks and find their escape and dopamine rush on the Internet. As a result, esports continues to drive incredible growth worldwide, a phenomenon highlighted in iGB’s third annual report on the sector.

As the report makes clear, government, regulators, brands and investors have recognized that eSports and video games not only remain strong during the pandemic, but can also be a driver for jobs, investment, the economy and so-called soft power.

Elsewhere, the report looks at some of the most significant regulatory developments of the past year, particularly in the US, Europe and China, and offers a perspective on what this could mean for other regions that could follow suit.

It also highlights mobile gaming and two wide shots: virtual reality/augmented reality-based (AR/VR) e-sports and blockchain gaming-based e-sports.

Esports Report 2023: We are approaching maturity and there is still room for growth. Read below; Those interested can also download a PDF version by clicking on the icon.