The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has announced its first-ever “anti-cheat partnership” with global gaming protection and anti-piracy technology provider Denuvo by Irdeto.

Denuvo and ESIC will collaborate to develop a framework to implement anti-cheat technology in the esports industry.

Denuvo will provide ESIC with anti-cheat software as well as regular reports on data metrics related to integrity and industry risks to provide insights into industry vulnerabilities and promote fair play in esports.

Denuvo will also support ESIC in further providing integrity frameworks to the broader esports industry, while providing access to its software capabilities.

“ESIC is proud to announce this new partnership category aimed at strengthening the role of anti-cheat providers in maintaining competitive integrity in the esports industry,” said Stephen Hanna, Director of Global Strategy and Partnerships at ESIC.

“As a respected partner to the gaming industry, Denuvo is well-positioned to become our first anti-cheat partner, working with us to identify and implement more sophisticated applications of anti-cheat technology for tournament operations,” said Steve Huin, Chief Operating Officer from Video Game Security at Irdeto, added. “As gamers ourselves, we at Denuvo are committed to bringing fairness and fun back to online gaming, and are therefore excited to ensure that the same fair gaming opportunities are available to esports players.”