Egamingmonitor has announced the launch of its new lottery-focused data product, which it says will “revolutionize” the way operators and providers track player behavior.

The new product gives lottery operators and suppliers access to unique player and stake data. Its dashboards provide insights across a range of products and are designed to provide unprecedented insight into market dynamics.

For the first time, stakeholders can see market share changes for multi-lottery products, including Eurojackpot and Powerball. This, in turn, allows users to monitor industry practices, including adjustments to jackpot sizes and ball configurations.

“Last year we launched our bingo product, the year before that the casino and this year it’s the turn of the lottery: the oldest and largest gambling sector,” says Kevin Dale, managing director of Egamingmonitor.

“We track sales of all drawing products from state and national lottery organizations worldwide. This allows us to create interactive reports for both lottery operators and suppliers.

“Operators can now compare performance against their competitors across borders and gain valuable insight into which products, features or reconfigurations appear to be paying off. Better decisions lead to higher revenue, which ultimately leads to more money being donated to good causes around the world.”

With its new product, Egamingmonitor was able to identify the most important trends of 2023. These emerged from the analysis of per capita sales of multi-state drawing products as well as the different susceptibility to increased jackpot sizes in different regions.

The new product showed that per capita ticket sales of multistate drawing products are highest in New York. Ontario and Portugal are also among the highest.

Above you can see the big difference between Delaware and Spain in terms of the ratio of ticket sales to jackpot size. While in Delaware there is a very strong connection between the size of the jackpot and the number of tickets sold, La Primitiva Lottery Spain largely sells a similar amount of tickets regardless of the jackpot win.

The new product also shows the top operators in terms of upselling, with the Austrian lottery being at the top with a per capita turnover of over 100 euros in so-called upselling products. In second and third place are the Finnish state lottery Veikkaus and the Caribbean Lottery with €36.75 and €36.63 respectively.

Egamingmonitor has also noted a change in the shares of Eurojackpot sales by operator, as shown above. Szerencsejatek, a Hungarian operator, saw a share gain of 0.48%, while Danskespil saw a decline of 0.53%.

In a December article with iGB, Dale analyzed the role of music in casino gambling.