Gamblers in Colorado bet a record $716.4m (£565.8m/€663.3m) on sports in December, surpassing the previous monthly peak by more than $100.0m.

The December deal surpassed the existing record of $608.5 million set in November 2023 by 17.7%. It was also 38.3% higher than Colorado’s $518.1 million bet in December of the previous year.

Approximately $712.0 million of all bets placed in December were made over the Internet. Retail stores, by comparison, took in just $4.5 million in bets.

Sales below previous year’s level

Gross gaming revenue was $40.5 million in December, up 41.6% from November’s $28.6 million.

Colorado’s gross gaming revenue was 41.6% higher in December than the previous month

Although significantly more bets were accepted than in December 2022, this was not reflected in the sales comparison to the previous year. Sales were actually down 0.1% from $40.9 million last year.

Online betting accounted for almost all of the monthly revenue, with the retail contribution being just $63,546.

As the National Football League season neared its end, American football was once again the most popular sport to bet on. Players placed $193.1 million during the month.

Basketball brought in $171.4 million in bets and college football brought in $45.8 million. Parlays and combinations totaled $204.2 million this month.

Taxes totaled $3.7 million in December, while players won $675.9 million, including $671.5 million online.

Colorado welcomes newcomers

In December, another sports betting provider, Fanatics, was launched in Colorado. The operator replaced PointsBet in the state after taking over its US operations.

Betr will also be launched in Colorado. The microbetting operator secured market access contracts in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Kentucky this month.

Betr’s Colorado online sports betting agreement is with Boulter Developments. However, this is subject to licensing approval from the Colorado Division of Gaming.

In addition, Boulter Developments has taken an equity stake in Betr.