Gamblers in Rhode Island spent $37.6 million on sports betting in September, the highest monthly total since March but lower than last year.

That’s 9.8% less than the $41.7 million spent in Rhode Island for the year September 2022. However, it is 67.1% more than $22.5 million August this year and the highest total in six months.

Of that, $28.7 million was spent on online betting and $9.0 million was spent on retail sports betting. Land-based bets were placed at physical establishments at Twin River and Tiverton Casino. Twin River took in $5.7 million in bets and Tiverton Casino took in $3.2 million.

Sports betting revenue reached $3.5 million in September

Sports betting revenue in Rhode Island increased 150.0% to $3.5 million in September compared to the previous month. However, this was 45.3% less than $6.4 million in September 2022.

Online betting accounted for $2.8 million of all revenue during the month. The retail share was $663,538 and was split between Twin River and Tiverton Casino. Twin River grossed $441,485 and Tiverton Casino grossed $222,053.

Rhode Island gamblers won a total of $34.2 million from sports betting in September. Approximately $25.9 million was won through online betting and $5.3 million and $3.0 million were won through retail wagering at Twin River and Tiverton Casino, respectively.

Rhode Island year to date

Year to date, total settlements for the three months ended August were $80.4 million. Online bets totaled $61.8 million and retail bets totaled $18.6 million.

Revenue was $6.6 million, of which $5.4 million came from online betting and $1.3 million from retail. Players won $73.6 million, about $56.3 million online and $17.3 million at retail.