Players in Arizona spent $713.6 million (£560.9 million/€657.2 million), a new record for the Grand Canyon State, but revenue was below last year’s figure.

The November handle was 3.3% above the existing Arizona record of $690.0 million in March 2022. It was also 15.7% higher than $616.9 million in November 2022 and 10.1% higher as $648.2 million in October 2023.

About $705.7 million was wagered online and $6.1 million was wagered on retail sports betting. Another $1.8 million was bet with limited event betting operators in Arizona.

Licensees paid out $671.3 million in winnings to players, while free bets and promotional credits totaled $20.5 million in November. That left adjusted gross revenue of $20.3 million for the month.

Revenue was 45.9% below $37.5 million in November 2022 and 38.5% below $33.0 million in October. Online betting revenue was $19.9 million, retail sales were $338,476 and limited event betting was $96,986.

Taxes totaled $2.0 million in November. Almost all of this came from online betting, with minimal contributions from retailers and limited event bookmakers.

DraftKings and Crown Gaming lead in Arizona

Looking at the individual operators, DraftKings and its partner Crown Gaming were ahead in the online market. Online revenue from the partnership was $9.7 million on $229.4 million in bets.

FanDuel took more bets and processed a total of $249.3 million in online bets. However, the company only posted revenue of $7.7 million, putting it in second place behind DraftKings.

The only other online operator to post revenue of more than $1.0 million was Bally Interactive, which made $1.9 million on $91.7 million in Internet betting.

Of the retail operators, only four were able to report positive sales. The leader of the field was FanDuel with $115,060 and a profit of $1.9 million.

Close behind in second place was Caesars with $111,979 of $1.1 million. BetMGM took third place with retail sales of $84,577 on sales of $660,242.

Among limited event betting operators, TP Racing took the top spot with $42,575 in revenue from $920,621.