Abios, a Kambi Group company, has entered into a deal to supply an odds feed to UK-based esports bookmaker Dragoni.

The betting and statistics solution will power Dragoni’s new, fan-focused sports betting and esports platform. On the Dragoni website you will find statistics from the largest esports teams and tournaments in the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

Abios provides odds for in-play markets, player suggestions and a selection of pre-game markets for CS:GO tournaments.

The odds feed is accompanied by subscription widgets. This allows fans to follow games and view statistics before and during the game.

Extensive offer

Dragoni’s sports betting and esports platform also offers a database of statistics from major and minor tournaments. This includes a comprehensive offering that includes tournament tables, player statistics and map win rates for teams.

“This collaboration reflects our commitment to providing our users with a best-in-class esports betting experience,” said Mark Cole, co-founder and CEO of Dragoni.

“By leveraging Abios’ industry-leading data solutions, we will enhance the capabilities of our platform and provide our users with the most accurate and reliable information available.”

A decade in the making

Abios is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Kambi took over Abios almost two years ago, thereby driving the provider’s growth.

Oskar Fröberg, CEO and founder of Abios, said the statistics platform would appeal to fans “across the UK and beyond”.

“Dragoni has done an excellent job using our esports resources, including data, widgets and odds, to create a completely new and unique product,” he said.